New Life

Rev. Dr. Jim Toole
John 14:16-25
Recalibrate Christmas

New Life

Our sermon series for Advent is based on the work of Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost in their book, Re-Jesus. In their opinion there is nothing more important for our church today than to recalibrate Christianity on the person, teachings and impact of Jesus.

Jesus knew that if we truly want to take him seriously in our life we have to take the Holy Spirit seriously as well. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit where we can experience Jesus’ power in our lives.

Theme: The Holy Spirit is the way Jesus brings to us New Life!

I believe there are two words over the ages that have been used to describe the way the Spirit works in our transformative process, illumination and renewal.

  • Illumination - term used throughout theology to describe the work of the Holy Spirit to bring spiritual understanding.
  • Renewal - is to restore to freshness, to make new again, rebirth.

God’s love and grace is not only comforting but through the Holy Spirit has power to transform us.

Illumination brings clarity.
       Renewal brings restoration and healing.
                Together they bring transformation!