Parent's Evening Out (PEO)

PEO is a blast!  Kids enjoy playtime with friends, activities, crafts, pizza and movies, while parents enjoy some kid-free time.

PEO is a state-licensed program, open to currently-enrolled students, their siblings and the public. However, all attendees must have a completed PEO registration packet on file prior to the first reservation (see Admission Requirements and Enrollment Procedures below).

Cheese pizza is served to all PEO attendees!  If you prefer to provide a different dinner/snack, please pack it with a cold pack, labelled with your child's name.  Nut-free snacks/dinner only.  We are not able to heat or cook food either.

WHEN:      Friday Evenings, 5:30 ‑ 9:30 p.m., August-May (see school calendar)

AGES:       1 (and walking) to Age 12

COST:        Min. of 2 hours charged:       1 child/$15.00   2 children /$20.00      3 or more / $30.00                                                            Over 2 hours:        1 child/$25.00   2 children /$30.00     3 or more / $40.00

Payment is expected at the end of service, cash or check only, payable to St. Andrew's Preschool & Kindergarten.  If your payment is in cash, you must have the exact amount because the childcare providers do not have change.  Fees cannot be charged to school tuition accounts.


PEO is not limited to families enrolled in our school, but is open to anyone. Prior to making your first reservations, parents must completely fill out appropriate forms and provide immunization information.  If your family used PEO the previous year, we require you to review the information that we have on file and sign a form verifying that all information is current. Your whereabouts for every Friday evening must be noted on the evening’s sign‑in sheet with a phone number.  Cellular phone or pager numbers are very helpful, in the event of an emergency. Cell phones should remain ON to allow contact.


Call (742-2969) or stop by the school office. There is a limit of 40 children accepted any Friday evening, in order to insure a continuation of quality for our program.  We recommend making reservations early in the week (reservations may be made up to 4 weeks in advance).  Drop-ins are not permitted, as adequate staffing provisions have not been made.


Please call to cancel your reservation!  We must have your cancellation by 12:00 p.m. Friday, in order to contact someone on the waiting list.  Phone messages left on the answering machine will be monitored.  You will be asked to pay an evening’s minimum charge for any reservation which has been made and not cancelled prior to12:00 p.m.  Further reservations will not be accepted until this amount is paid.


Please call St. Andrew's at 742-2969 and select #6 (direct line to PEO) to check on your child or if an emergency develops, and you cannot pick up your child at 10:00 p.m.  The late charge is $1.00 per minute.


Be sure to bring an ADEQUATE supply of diapers, wipes, training pants, etc. in a LABELED diaper bag. We can go through 1 or more outfits depending upon accidents so bring extra clothes! PJs are welcome if you would like us to ready your little one for bed. All food should be provided, including prepared bottles.  EVERYTHING must be labeled!  Labeled sleeping bags, blankies, “lovies”, etc. are welcome and encouraged for toddlers during our quiet movie time. Anything that you want applied topically to your child must be labeled with their first and last names and appropriate forms filled out.


The children seem to really enjoy our quiet movie time best if you provide a LABELED sleeping bag and pillow.  EVERY child should have a LABELED change of clothes in a LABELED back pack or diaper bag. (If your child is still wearing “pull-ups” or diapers at night, please pack more than one!) Separate bags for each child are preferred so that the bags can accompany the child to the appropriate room.  PJs are also welcome for big kids.  Anything that you want applied topically to your child must be labeled with their first and last names and appropriate forms filled out.


Other than bottles for one-year-olds or NUT FREE snacks if your child is not eating pizza, please do not send food with your child.  NO EXCEPTIONS UNLESS REQUIRED DUE TO FOOD ALLERGIES.  Please note that sippy cups and pacifiers are discouraged. Your child can only use these items if they are sitting at a table.  This helps prevent “sharing."   PLEASE LABEL THESE ITEMS IF YOU BRING THEM! Please do NOT allow your child to bring ANY toys from home (except for “lovie” to snuggle with during movie time).


Because this program is primarily a “childcare” situation and exact ages of children attending change from week to week, children must be grouped according to chronological age to provide for appropriate adult/child ratios.  Typically speaking, they are grouped as follows: 1s (young twos may join this group), 2s and 3s, 4s and 5s, 6s and up.  Check with the supervisor that evening to note where your child will be placed, as placement may change depending on number and ages of children attending.  Older children may briefly “visit” a younger sibling who needs comforting, but may NOT stay in the same room all evening. Special fun activities are planned that are appropriate for each age group.  The children may play with developmentally appropriate toys, be read to or read independently, hear music, watch videos, do art projects, and play outside in our play areas. Planned activities and videos will be noted in the monthly school newsletter. (Do not bring videos from home unless approved by supervisor in advance.)


Doors open at 5:30 pm.  Enter through the east door that leads to room 7 – marked with a sign. You must sign your legal signature beside the name of EACH child and note your planned whereabouts. Please assist your child in washing their hands at drop – off (state regulation) and label all personal items with labels provided.  PEO supervisor(s) will help you find your child’s appropriate area.  LAST CALL is 9:30 pm (but earlier pick ups are certainly allowed). When coming to pick up your child/ren, again enter through the east door, but very quietly, as some little ones may be sleeping. Be prepared to show a PHOTO ID.  Pay with a check or exact change (no credit/debit card payments accepted) and sign out EACH child noting the time of departure. Check with the supervisor for any additional info about the evening.