Mission Values and Responsibilities


The Mission Team finds the following to be important values in determining how to allocate mission funds and become involved in Mission projects.  

We desire to support missions that:

1.     Are effective in achieving the ministry's goals, accountable, efficient, and above reproach. 

2.     Offer the opportunity for “hands on” participation by St. Andrew's members.  In addition, we must: 

  • consider every member as being sent,
  • encourage inter-generational efforts,  
  •  partner with other churches, and  
  • foster relationships with those served. 

3.     Address the needs of the poor in Pima County and in the 2/3 world by:

  • providing the appropriate response to the need, not just the easiest response,
  • doing more to address the root cause of need rather than the symptoms,
  • involving the needy in the process whenever possible.

4.     Favor ministry where Gospel in word and deed are intertwined, 

5.     Offer short term support to new or struggling Presbyterian churches, 

6.     Share the Gospel with unreached people. 

7.     Foster the development of new pastors and missionaries from within our congregation. 

8.     Use innovative methods to communicate the gospel or serve the needy.


  • To identify and promote opportunities for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church to become involved in hands-on mission projects.
  • Identify opportunities for other ministries to become involved in outreach.
  • Be a liaison for ecumenical relationship when appropriate.
  • Stay informed of the mission efforts of the General Assembly, Synod, and Presbytery, and interpret them to the congregation.
  • Oversee the disbursement of the Mission Budget.
  • Evaluate the work of supported ministries and adjust or terminate support based on evaluation.
  • Provide support with St. Andrew's members under the care of the Presbytery.
  • Coordinate with the Faith that Works subcommittee to provide support for local outreach services.  Faith that Works has three areas of local outreach:  Service Worship Sundays 4 times a year, Mobile Units, and Development of community relationships.


The mobile shower unit brightened this man's day with a new t-shirt, socks, underwear, and a great shower!

The mobile shower unit is partnering with Casa Maria Soup Kitchen. While they provide the food we provide the showers!

We are partnering with God's Vast Resources. While they bring the clothing, we provide the showers!