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For the past six years, a group of people from St. Andrew’s has partnered with World Vision, to train for and run either a half or full marathon. Most of us are not “runners.” Maybe for some a half or full marathon is a bucket list item, for some this is about exercising and community. The main goal beyond all of that is that we raise money to provide people around the world with access to clean drinking water. Globally, there are about 800,000 people that do not have access to clean water. Access to water changes everything. It changes the health of communities, improves nutrition and offers greater opportunities for children to go to school. This year, we will be training for the Mesa Half and Full Marathon on February 12, 2022. Our launch date is Sunday, October 3. So come, walk, jog, run, train with us as we grow community and change the lives of people across the world. Questions? Feel free to reach out to Pastor Mat mgrover@sapctucson.org or in the Church Office at 297-7201 .

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