Giving thanks to having been a blessing: Notes from the Women’s Christmas Coffee Break!

“We had a wonderful time passing out encouragement bags to the ladies of our church at the Drive-Up Coffee Break. There were smiling eyes and even a few tears that greeted us as each car drove up to receive their bags. There was heart felt thank you’s and excitement about being able to spend a few moments face-to-face with some of the ladies we had not seen since March. We told them that their bags had been prayed over that morning—so they had been prayed for. We encouraged them to take their bags home, make a cup of coffee or tea, and spend some quiet time with the Lord. It was a great morning of love and fellowship!”

“This was such a fun activity for our ADM team. We were able to plan and put together thoughtful ‘peace’ items to include in our encouragement bags. It was quite uplifting to see so many women drive up in their cars and spend a few minutes reconnecting with each other. What a blessing this morning was for our ADM team, our volunteers, and for all the women who participated!”