Mary Mobley learned to knit as a child from her grandfather who knitted by candlelight and immigrated to the United States from Sweden. Mary has been knitting 50 hats for years for the firefighters who adopt families at Christmas time in Kansas City where she used to live.

Mary’s father was a Presbyterian pastor in Kansas City so she knew of a mini-shop in an old cathedral that helped children identified in need by schools. The children could choose home-made shirts, dresses, and shorts. Mary guessed that she probably made 300 dresses in one year.

When asked what prompted her to recently make beautiful, soft bags for carrying items, she replied, “I have made bags before, but after I heard the moment for mission on La Frontera, I was prompted to give the bags to those who are homeless. People serve in different ways. I work well by myself, and I just like giving the items that I make away. I see different needs that are brought to attention at St. Andrew’s, so that’s motivating me.”

Mary doesn’t want any acknowledgment for what she does, she simply would love to see someone wearing one of the hats or using the bags she made. That would make her smile.