Congratulations St. Andrew’s!!! Thanks to your generosity, we have collected just over $30,000 for the Navajo Nation Water Project with DigDeep!

As you may recall, DigDeep installed water totes due to the COVID virus limiting their ability and access into the homes to do the installation of the cisterns and associated plumbing. They had a goal of installing 1,000 water totes across the Nation and to date have done about 750. Additional funding has already been allocated for a good portion of the remainder of the project so we will be moving forward with a three-part plan because of God’s abundant financial blessing from our church:

  • $10,000 will go toward the purchase and installation of the water totes and water delivery for six months.
  • We will fund the installation of two cisterns and associated plumbing, solar, and pumps. The cost for completed cistern and plumbing for a single-family unit is $4,500.
  • We will use the remaining funds to help with the upkeep and repair of the several water trucks that they use to deliver water to all those residents without direct access to water. All of their trucks are older and with rough roads, they require a bit more maintenance than an average vehicle. (They are all Native American drivers from the Nation).

Thank you for being a part of this amazing blessing from God! We will keep you updated with progress and pictures!