It’s time for Change for Children! Join us during Lent again this year, as we collect our change to support our mission in Zambia, with Alliance for Children Everywhere (ACE). Last year our goal was to raise $10,790 to help orphaned and vulnerable children attending ACE’s FaithWorks schools. The funds raised were to place textbooks in the hands of 2,000 children who would otherwise miss out on school due to hunger, loss of family, or intergenerational cycles of poverty. Even with COVID-19, we were able to raise $7,400 of our goal, providing textbooks for about 740 students. Thank you for helping us! This year our goal is to raise $10,000 to complete our goal of putting a new textbook in the hands of all of the FaithWorks students.

On February 14, ACE will be our Moment for Mission, and we will start collecting change at that time through March 28. Once St. Andrew’s is open again for In-Person Worship, we will have a table available for you to pick up a basket and drop off your donations. In the meantime, check donations can be mailed to St. Andrew’s with Change for Children noted on the memo line. If you would like more information about ACE, please feel free to inquire at our table or check out their website at