Two Year Old Classes

(Must be 2 by 9/1)- These classes are designed to provide children with an introduction to school and to help them grow accustom to being away from their primary caregivers for short periods of time. We focus primarily on gross and fine motor skills, language acquisition, building confidence in the classroom, developing a love of learning, and working towards bathroom independence. In our 2s classes, students will enjoy free play, story time, play-based centers, and fun thematic units throughout the school year.

Three Year Old Classes

(Must be 3 by 9/1)- These classes are designed as a follow-up to our 2s class with a stronger focus on building independence in the classroom and practicing pre-academic skills through play. Children will build early math skills such as shape/number recognition, patterning, and 1:1 correspondence. As a class, they will conduct experiments and begin learning the foundation questions of the scientific method. They will also begin pre-writing and pre-literacy skills such as name recognition and writing, in addition to continuing to work on fine and gross motor skills.

Four Year Old Classes

(Must be 4 by 9/1)- These classes are designed to prepare children for kindergarten while maintaining a foundation of play-based learning. Our 4s classes expand on early literacy skills such as story sequencing, rhyme, and handwriting; as well as early math skills such as making comparisons, measurement, and counting/ recognizing numbers to twenty. Children will conduct experiments as a class or in small groups, and we will continue to provide them with practice to improve gross and fine motor skills.

Developmental Kindergarten (Must be 4 by 9/1 and receive a recommendation)- Our Developmental Kindergarten class is designed to more closely resemble what students would expect in kindergarten while still allowing for students to have time for play. This class works well for students that meet one of the following: Naturally gravitates towards academic activities, just misses the cut-off for kindergarten, or would benefit from added support in academic activities. This class is not suited well for children that struggle behaviorally and would benefit instead from one of our less rigorous 4s classes.

Kindergarten- Our Kindergarten meets all the requirements set forth by the State of Arizona for an excellent program. Our teachers both hold education degrees and have lengthy experience in elementary and early childhood education. We use Saxon Math, which is used in most charter and private schools, and is renowned for its method of instruction. In ELA, we use the Journeys curriculum, which is another favorite of charter and private schools in the area. Our teachers develop thematic units which incorporate science, social studies, and our Christian education component into their everyday learning. Our small class sizes allow our teachers and assistant teachers to spend double the amount of individualized and small group time with students than is expected in a class of 20+ students.

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