Within the congregation, two of the most important Deacon functions are:  (1)  preparation of the elements and scheduling servers for The Lord’s Supper throughout the year, and (2) hosting the SAPC Family BBQ on the first Sunday every March

“With God’s guidance, and through fellowship, care and concern, the Deacons of St. Andrew’s serve and minister to all members of the congregation. Particular emphasis will be directed to those who are in need, who are sick, who are friendless, and to those who are in distress, both within and beyond the community of faith.”

Deacons resource Caring Ministry by:

  1. Coordinating Home Communion for those unable to attend public worship. If you desire Communion at your residence, please contact the church office (297-7201).
  2. Arranging for delivery of Emergency Meals following a hospitalization or personal crisis.
  3. Sending personalized cards and notes to members and friends who have been sick or hospitalized, to those grieving or lonely, and to our newest members to welcome them into the life our congregation.
  4. Graciously serving as helpers and greeters for the many Memorial Services on campus.
  5. Arranging Rides to Worship for seniors or the disabled who no longer drive so that they may participate in the 10:45 am Sunday worship service.  Church vans can accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.
  6. Set up Home Speaker Phones where home bound may listen to our Sunday worship service (9:00 or 10:45 am) live over telephone lines.

The Deacons also reach out beyond our community ~ 

  1. Whenever they work with the American Red Cross and host blood drives six times a year. 
  2. As they put together Blessing Bags (snacks, toiletries, Scripture verses, water & juice) for our congregation to deliver to folks living on the streets of our city.  These are available every Sunday and throughout the week.

The Deacon Benevolence Fund, financially funded by the generosity of our congregation, coordinates with Interfaith Community Services in assisting members, friends, and others outside our church family who are seeking financial assistance for rent, utilities, medical bills, and other necessary personal expenditures.

For more information on Deacons and how to get involved, contact Mat Grover at